STT Swings

STT Swings
Hi Welcome to Swings For Toddlers To Teens

We have been manufacturing IRISH MADE children's play equipment since 1999 and can say with confidence we have the VERY BEST.


We believe a swing unit is a long term investment for your family and should be there to see all your children grow from toddlers to teenagers, this is why we use the heaviest framing you will find on the market 4 x 4 and 6 x 4 useing a combination of Scandinavian Red Wood,Douglas Fir and Scandinavian Pine for maximum strength and durability.

For the price of 1 short family break you could have a lifetime of entertainment for your children.


We have an extensive choice in design something to suit every budget. As manufacturers we can custom build units with customers own specifications.

Over the years we have seen a lot of outsourced play equipment coming to the market so to give customers the choice we have added the ones we think are of the highest quality to our shop with flat pack and DIY modules been an option.


Our products now include Giant Garden Games,Wooden Toys, Garden Furniture and lots more.




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