How children learn through play

How children learn through play is fascinating.  There are many schools of thought on the subject but they can be summed up in the graphic below.  Firstly a child is naturally curious and so this makes them interested and keen to learn about the toy they are playing with.  This curiosity drives them to play.  As they go through playing they learn things and become even more curious.  As they are playing, they find this learning fun.  All children like to repeat activities that are fun.  By repeating the process, they achieve mastery and cement in the skills they are learning.  A child who is mastering new skills is becoming confident in themselves.  When a child is confident they are willing to try a new challenge and the whole cycles beings again!   how children learn through play When children role play they are also learning through play.  Role play is simply a type of pretend play where children get into a character and act out a role as that character would in a real life context (pretending to be a princess or a farmer for example).  Role playing has many benefits including helping children to communicate with others whilst allowing children to act out and make sense of real-life situations. It also helps with their social skills as they collaborate with others.  Children use role play to investigate and experiment so it allows them to learn about different cultures and the perspective of others.  It's very important for making them aware of the feelings of others in different situations. outdoor garden toys for children Our play panels and imagination products are perfect for role playing.  They are all made from very hard wearing raw materials.  For example, on of our best sellers, the yellow submarine is constructed from Heavy-duty 19mm thick HDPE. It comes with a bench seat; Shatter-proof bubble windows Shatter-proof mirrored bubble dome Spinning ships wheel Supplied with brackets and fasteners It can be supplied assembled or flat-packed with plant-on sea graphics. TOYS FOR ROLE PLAY Huts and Dens from are fun, imaginative spaces for children to role play and socially interact with each other. Each of our units has a bench seat and a counter to enhance the role play . This Wendy house is also manufactured from HDPE, constructed using HDPE panels and recycled plastic posts.  It's assembled using stainless steel fasteners. The Huts are supplied fully assembled and ready for freestanding use, but they can be anchored to the ground (for extra security) using optional ground lugs (at extra cost).  The finished dimensions of the Wendy house are 1544 x 1300 x 1506mm approximately. Outdoor handmade wendy house STT Swings Carlow   The recommended age range is 2 plus.  You can order your Wendy house here.

Handmade Irish Wooden Toy Farms Christmas Delivery

Our handmade Irish wooden toy farms Christmas delivery will be starting up shortly.  There are only 11 weeks until Santa pops down the chimney!  He's already been busy with the elves collecting all those farms for the super well behaved girls and boys of Ireland.  We have taken on some extra elves here too, just to make sure that we have his orders ready for the sleigh.  Did you know that toy farms are one of the most popular Christmas toys of all time and Santa has been leaving them under trees for hundreds of years. handmade Irish wooden farm toys Christmas delivery Miniature people and animal toys have been around since the earliest civilisations, but were first made as ornaments rather than toys.  In the Victorian period, toys were so expensive that they were often to look at rather than play with.  Thankfully now we know that playing is very important for the development of children.  Playing with farm toys helps children to develop a number of skills.  These include learning about role play, learning about farms, food, animals, and farm machinery.  It helps them to understand their environment and offers a variety of play opportunities including social interaction and using their imagination.  They allow children to play at their own pace and in their own way. handmade Irish wooden farm toy Boys tend to develop social skills more slowly than girls so toys which encourage boys to engage with each other, communicate and cooperate can actually enhance their social skills.  We design and make toys that appeal to both girls and boys and help to promote role playing.  A younger child who is learning to speak can practice making the animal and machine noises.  An older, more able, child will be able create imaginary scenarios and act them out cooperatively with peers again encouraging social interconnections. handmade Irish wooden toys STT swings With Santa's help, we have designed a large variety of hand crafted heavy duty wooden farms and accessories to choose from.  These vary from the 'large complete farm' to the 'my first farm range'.   We also have cattle sheds, closed machinery sheds and even a cattle mart!  Our small starter farm starts from only €50.00 and we have some great offers available before the Christmas rush sets in.  So whatever your little farmer wants, we can help. Christmas toys from STT Swings Carlow In the meantime, whilst they are waiting for Santa to arrive with the farm, they can track Santa and his elves as he travels across the sky using our magic satellite .  Please note that Santa starts delivering all around the world from the 1st of December and he values his privacy so he only allows us to track him from the 1st of December.   In the meantime make sure you don't miss our handmade Irish wooden toy farms Christmas delivery dates and get those orders in asap.

Garden games for children and adults

Garden games for children and adults can be hard to come by.  This is one of the reasons we developed our giant chess and draughts sets.  The set allows children and adults to play together in a game of strategy whilst simultaneously having a lot of fun.  One of the most famous giant chess sets is located in Wales in the beautiful garden in Portmerion.  Portmerion is world famous as one of the designs by the visionary architect, Clough William Ellis. One of our staff was there during the summer and took the stunning photograph below as some inspiration.  It's a great example as to how to get the chess set to fit into a formal garden.  In reality the chess set looks amazing and actually adds to the design of the garden snuggled in amongst the hydrangeas. garden games for children and adults Checkers or draughts have been around for centuries (around the 16th century). Draughts were originally introduced into Europe (from Egypt).  From recorded monumental inscriptions, it seems that the game was familiar to the Egyptians as early as 200 B.C. !   Our giant draughts garden version means that everyone can get involved. It's simple to play, easy to understand and addictive. Our families report that all of their family members wanted to play!  With this massive version you can play with 2 players, or in teams so it's great for family get togethers. Our set comes complete with a full set of queening rods.  This makes moving the draught pieces, once queened, simple and effortless. giant drafts garden game set The ultimate game of strategy is Chess.  From what we know of its origins, it came from India in around the 6th century A.D. (Although there is ongoing debate as to whether it originated in China first).  It then spread to Persia, Spain and into Europe.  Chess is played on a black and white board with black and white pieces, similar to draughts. The board represents a battlefield in which two armies fight to capture each other’s king.  A player’s army consists of 16 pieces that begin play on the two ranks closest to that player.  There are six different types of pieces which are; king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn.   The pieces are distinguished by appearance and by how they move.    White moves first, after which the players alternate turns in accordance with fixed rules. Each player is attempting to force the opponent’s main piece, the King, into a checkmate.  Checkmate is a position where it is unable to avoid capture.giant garden chess set You can get your own giant garden chess set here.

The benefits of playing outside for children

The benefits of playing outside for children have been well documented.  With the explosion in mobile phone use and the age demographic getting younger and younger, it has never been more important for children to take some 'time out' .  For younger children taking time away from the smart screen, the benefits of outdoor play include helping them to develop their muscle strength and co-ordination.  It also encourages self confidence and awareness as they interact with other children whilst they play.  This helps to grow their social skills. children develop sensory skills playing outdoors In a recent study carried out by the Institute of Technology Sligo and Early Childhood Ireland it was reported that playing outdoors is the perfect learning environment as children learn through play, movement, communication and sensory experiences.  Playing outside greatly increases the learning experience when compared to playing indoors.  Whilst children in Scandinavian countries are dressed for the weather, the report also found that a lot of Irish parents are inclined not to let their children play outside in inclement weather.   It was revealed that 88% of children play outside less in the winter whilst 74% don't get to play in the rain at all. The benefits of playing outside for children To encourage children (and adults) out into the garden you could try having 'windy day' and 'rainy day' boxes/coat hangers near the back door which contain suitable clothing for a quick exit.  A 'rainy day' box could include the wellies and a rain coat for example whilst a 'windy day' box could contain a warm coat, hat and gloves. learning experience from playing outdoors STT Swings Carlow Research reports that some of the other benefits of playing outside for children include improved moods, a stronger immunisation against colds and bugs and lower levels of obesity.  Just swinging on a swing builds core stability whilst also helping to develop gross motor skills like movement, balancing and body co-ordination.  It also encourages them to look at the world in a different way as playing on a swing gives them a different perspective on the world.  This is now a key skill for the  modern world where developing creative skills and the ability to look at the world from a different viewpoint are becoming increasingly important for job roles.